One of the methodologies available for corporate science-based target setting is the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA). This methodology allocates carbon budgets to specific sectors, creating sector-specific decarbonization pathways that are in line with science.

The method considers differences among sectors, such as mitigation potential and projected growth and can be used by a wide range of sectors. However, there is still the need to develop new pathways for some sectors and disaggregate existing pathways into more nuanced ones. Approved sector pathways must be consistent with the climate models used by the initiative.

To participate in the expansion of sector pathways please express your interest to the yobet娱乐app initiative and test the intended approach with the technical team. Any sector development seeking integration into the SDA, should follow the guidelines in the Sector Development Framework. The framework requires preparing a consultation process to gather feedback from relevant stakeholders and a review and approval phase by the yobet娱乐app initiative.

By engaging in the development of sector pathways companies ensure they are playing their part in the global effort to limit global warming to well-below 2 degrees celsius.

If you are interested in engaging with the yobet娱乐app initiative to contribute to the expansion of sector pathways please contact John Sottong, Senior Associate, yobet娱乐app Initiative, WRI, at [email protected].

Pathways are being developed for the following sectors


Chemicals and Petrochemicals


Oil and Gas 


Power Sector

Forest, Land and Agriculture